Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Connor at 14 Months

10/20/12: Driving around in Lolo and Lola's kitchen
10/19/12: Playing in the purses at TJ Maxx in Indianapolis
10/19/12: On the way to Indianapolis
Out for a walk with The Crazies at their house (Connor adores Cousin Dec)
 Lunch at Smash Burger

Tromping around the front yard, lumberjack baby bear style (Notice the gloves.  Hint: They're a huge clue to his Halloween costume)

'Rad hearts chocolate yogurt.  He cried when I took the empty container away

Uh oh.  He's fallen and he can't get up.  Is it just me or does he remind you of a turtle on shell?

A running blur at Lola's house

Easy entertainment: The dog's water dish

Ready to haul some brush

Exploring the front stoop

Welcome to the Gallery!

Last night I was feeling the need for some fanciness on this blog, and although this might not necessarily count as "fancy" it still makes me happy.  I introduce to you the 'Rado (and family) Gallery!  Unique concept, right?  Since the prospect of an actual hard copy baby book is but a wistful thought at this moment, I figured I'd do my best to chronicle 'Rad's life in pictures here.  The flickr badge is cool and there are probably lots of easier ways to do this, but I like my idea better :-P

Stay tuned as the filmstrip of 'Rad's life starts to lengthen before us.